Joanne had a big party at Taiwan Duck Cottage last weekend. For a big party its nice to have a ‘star dish’, a centrepiece for the meal and buffet. This time Joanne made the very popular crispy Peking Duck with pancakes 脆皮烤鸭. This is popular in Taiwan and you can get it at many Cantonese restaurants in the UK where we do order it pretty often. Its always a favourite. In this version the skin is crispy and the meat is succulent – Not like the shredded duck that is also popular with pancakes and plum sauce in Chinese restaurants.


There’s quite a few steps in the process or readying the duck before you cook it and then serve it. I could write about it here but the video isn’t very long – please just watch it! And you can have fun watching how much Joanne’s little tasting guests enjoy the pancakes at the end of the video!

Crispy Peking Duck with pancakes 脆皮烤鸭 ingredientsduck-ingredients

  • Duck (whole)
  • Marinade: Chinese spice bag, star anise, Chinese herbs, water.
  • Crispy skin liquid: Maltose, honey, vinegar.
  • To serve: Pancakes, cucumber, spring onion, and thick soy sauce

How to make crispy Peking Duck with pancakes 脆皮烤鸭, cooking video

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