Valentines Tomato stuffed with Prawns and Pork 情人節番茄釀蝦肉 Joanne made this meal especially for Valentines Day! It’s got a good mixture of flavours of tomato, chicken and prawn with the well known herb – thyme. If you don’t really like thyme an equally delicious alternative is with basil. You need a really nice looking big tomato for this dish, also quite a firm one, no overly ripe. Be careful with Thyme as it’s quite a strong herb and can dominate your flavours, so add less rather than more… Happy Valentines everyone!

Valentines Tomato stuffed with Prawns and Pork

Valentines Tomato stuffed with Prawns and Pork 情人節番茄釀蝦肉

The ingredients 食材 (for 2, it’s Valentines!);

  • 1 LARGE tomato
  • half a Chinese bowl containing minced pork and chopped king prawns
  • a sprig of thyme (or basil if you prefer it)
  • a handful of bean sprouts
  • a handful of straw mushrooms
  • some fish powder or fish sauce
  • some corn flour mixed with water
  • chop a little onion, garlic, ginger and chili for spice – all together about a quarter Chinese bowl of spices
  • For the potato nests – fine and long chopped potato (enough for 2) and some corn flour
  • Side salad – chopped bell peppers and apple with a your favourite salad sauce (we used mayonnaise, lime and honey)

The method 作法;

  1. skin the tomato; we scalded it in boiling water after scoring the skin with a sharp knife, made it easy to peel cleanly (video at 2.50)
  2. cut the tomato in half, top to bottom, , get rid of the woody stalk area with a sharp knife, spoon out the seeds (most of them but keep a few in there), sprinkle with a little flour inside
  3. now fill the tomato helves with the stuffing of prawn, pork and thyme
  4. now chop up the internals you removed from the tomato, this will be used in the cooking sauce
  5. use a sharp knife to make sure your tomato stands upright, slice a little bit off the ‘seat’ as it will sit nicely on your plate later
  6. prepare and chop your salad but don’t put the sauce on til everything else is ready
  7. now dust the pieces of potato for your ‘nest’ with flour – helps them fry crispy
  8. get the frying pan hot and add a little oil, followed by the tomatoes, ‘top down’ (meat down) cover with a lid
  9. start heating the other pan of oil to deep fry the potato nests
  10. in the tomato pan add the chopped onion, garlic, ginger and chili, stir it all together, add a bit of your fish sauce and then the chopped tomato insides, now a bit of water and sugar, followed by the mushrooms, bean sprouts and cornflour/water mix
  11. leave this on ‘low heat’, now fry the potato nests, place the potato shreds on a large draining spoon and with a smaller spoon on top (making the nest indentation) and submerge in the hot oil
  12. when it’s a little browned it is ready
  13. that’s it, it’s all ready, arrange your food into two plates, half a tomato each in the vegetables sauce also you each have a potato nest, make sure it’s pretty this is for your love!
Valentines meal, pork and prawn stuffed tomato

Valentines meal, pork and prawn stuffed tomato, with fried potato nests

Joanne has recorded a Valentines Tomato stuffed with Prawns and Pork 情人節番茄釀蝦肉 cooking video so you can see and follow the timings, techniques, and method step by step, as she prepares this special romantic meal for two. We hope you all have a great Valentines Day and Evening!

How to make Valentines Tomato stuffed with Prawns and Pork 情人節番茄釀蝦肉, cooking video

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