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Cold cucumber mix 涼伴黃瓜, a Taiwanese starter or side dish

You will find this dish at many homes, markets and restaurants in Taiwan. This cold cucumber mix 涼伴黃瓜 Taiwan style is used often as either a starter or as a side dish with the main meal. Right now cucumbers are in season and its pretty hot in summer so its good to make use of this cooling and piquant dish with your meals. So it also works well to clean the palette between the courses of your meal.

Cold Cucumber Mix, ready to serve

Cold Cucumber Mix, ready to serve

While this tastes a bit like a pickle it is not as it’s prepared to be eaten on the day and perhaps any leftovers saved for a day or two in the fridge. Another important note is that if you aren’t going to eat all that you prepared then take the portion you are going to eat into a separate bowl before you sprinkle on your sesame oil – you don’t want to have this ‘salad’ mixing up with sesame oil for days – it would not work well.

The ingredients;

Cold Cucumber Mix ingredients

Cold Cucumber Mix ingredients

  • 1 cucumber
  • ginger
  • chilli
  • salt
  • sugar
  • vinegar
  • sesame oil
  • a pinch of vegetable starch
  • + a plastic bag for shaking everything together!

Joanne has recorded a cold cucumber mix 涼伴黃瓜 making video so you can see her method and preparation step by step. It’s an easy one this time around – no cooking required!

Taiwanese cold cucumber mix 涼伴黃瓜 video

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  1. This is a fantastic cooking show that shows off Asian cousins. Loving it

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