This is the traditional Changhua Ba-Wan from my home county in Taiwan. It isn’t so quick and easy to make if this is your first time – please be patient and take it easy – then you can have your own great Taiwan Street Food at home! Kylie made them very good!


Changhua Ba-Wan dumplings 彰化肉圓 ingredientsing-ba-wan

  • 400g chopped pork
  • 300g tapioca pearls + 2 rice cups of water
  • Celery, salt, pepper,
  • sugar, soy sauce,
  • Dried onions, shrimps, mooli,
  • Chinese mushroom, bamboo.
  • 2tbsp rice flour
  • 1tbsp Oyster sauce
  • 1tbsp plum powder
  • 1tbsp sugar
  • paprika or ketchup for colour

Once you have prepared these – if you have too many – its easy to store them. You can freeze them for another time. When you want them just steam them. If you’ve already steamed them and they have gone cold some people like to deep fry them to warm them up. Many street food places in Taiwan serve them from hot oil.

How to make Changhua Ba-Wan dumplings 彰化肉圓, cooking video

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