Here is a great Taiwanese dish which is often a favourite take-away street food. You get this boiled white chicken in spring onion sauce 蔥油雞 at many day and night markets and street side stalls. Often people eat it cold but Joanne and I like to eat this hot, especially as we live in chilly old England now.

White chicken ready to eat

White chicken, ready to eat

The chicken is boiled whole, so make sure you have a pan big enough to fit a chicken and able to cover the chicken with water. This is one of the quickest methods to cook a chicken – just 30 mins for the bird as water conducts heat so well. It’s very delivious and juicy meat as the result. The sauce is very easy too, just finely chopped spring onion greens and some chilli and ginger mixed with a good helping of the chicken stock. Please try it!

The ingredients;



  • 1 chicken
  • boil the chicken with mashed spring onion
    and ginger pieces
    for 30 mins
  • pour over a sauce/gravy
    made from with spring onion, ginger, chilli
    and salt in chicken stock

Joanne has recorded a boiled white chicken in spring onion sauce 蔥油雞 making video so you can see her method and preparation step by step.

Boiled white chicken in spring onion sauce 蔥油雞 video

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