Hello everyone, we are really happy with our garden now, it’s been so very productive. We are now on our second set of vegetables, which have provided a good side of vegetables to most meals. Our working garden isn’t so big, it’s just about a quarter of our back garden! The area is probably less than 10 sq m. Also we have fruit trees distributed about the garden here and there, but we have still kept a large lawn and patio for leisure, BBQs etc. Also in corners and other less useful spaces we have bushes of berries and strawberry plants.

Yesterday we went around with the camera recording how everything is growing, new growing fresh fruit and vegetables really are a beautiful sight. If you don’t grow anything already we urge you to, nearly any one can have a window box planted with their favourite small vegetables seeds. A chili plant or two in the house can give and give chilis for months of use.

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We have made a slideshow above, we hope you like it. Above you can see Tayberries, Blueberries, Cherries, Peas and Pears and lots of other fruit and vegetables. In the coming months we are looking forward to the fruit trees fruit ripening and also some very big Pumpkins and Shark Fin Melons!